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AP Chemistry student working with Marquis Tutoring in NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn

Balancing chemical equations doesn’t have to be scary.

 I give students the confidence to tackle molecule mechanisms like a pro.

If you’re taking chemistry, you may wonder, “Why is this so difficult? What’s the deal with all the new concepts?” The short answer is that chemistry is one of the first subjects in which students have to use calculations to express their understanding of a scientific conceptual model. And because we’re looking at a fundamental understanding of the world’s most basic elements and how they interact, chemistry has many moving parts that you need to organize and make sense of. 


This also means the curriculum is stacked with new information that builds quickly throughout the year. As a result, it’s common for students to get overwhelmed and loose their way if earlier pieces have slipped through the cracks. Kinetics? Stoichiometry? Redox equations? Help!


As your NYC chemistry tutor, I ensure you develop a firm conceptual framework, and also teach you how to reference it for problem solving.  That way, you stay on track, and not a molecule of information slips through the cracks. I leverage my academic chemistry background to help students turn challenges into growth opportunities.

How Does a Chemistry Tutor Help?

Let’s face it: chemistry is no walk in the park if it doesn't come naturally to you.  It also brings a new set of challenges beyond basic memorization.  This new integration of math and science concepts requires students to flex their executive functioning muscles like never before. The good news? There's a learning curve so once you're over the hump, everything starts falling into place.  Most importantly, the science mindedness you develop can be used to more easily approach other science subjects and problem solving in general throughout all levels of your academic career.


My 1-on-1 support provides a comprehensive framework that empowers students to tackle questions independently. This can look like helping students understand abstract models like VSEPR, or approach chemical calculations with a new perspective. Additionally, this could be helping students discover invaluable time management and mindfulness skills so they don’t let one complex chemical equation weigh them down on an exam.

Do I Need a Private Chemistry Tutor?

Chemistry moves fast, so it’s easy to get left behind if you haven’t fully grasped a foundational concept. I work with many students who are passionately committed to a STEM trajectory but struggle with specific chemistry topics. Don’t panic—this is entirely normal. We all have different learning and thinking styles, and your child may require different tools to organize and digest these ideas before they click. Some of the first signs that your kids may need a private chemistry tutor include:


  • Feeling overwhelmed with new concepts

  • Difficulty with calculations (stoichiometry, equilibrium, etc.)

  • Lack of engagement or interest

  • Challenges analyzing lab data

  • Frequent frustration

  • Exam anxiety


If you notice your children getting frustrated with basic concepts, such as atomic models or simple unit conversions, I highly recommend taking action before their confusion snowballs, especially if they have big dreams in the math or science fields. After all, just because it may not click initially doesn’t mean they will never “get it.” A private NYC tutor can give your children the holistic support they need to boost their chemistry confidence and get back on track. 

Tailored Online Chemistry Tutoring Sessions Available Worldwide 

Many of my families frequently travel for work or spend time in their second home, which is why I offer 1-on-1 online sessions to fit any schedule. Even if students are based in NYC, they often prefer to log on in the comfort of their PJ's for a more relaxed session.  In cases where on-site sessions are possible, chemistry tutoring is available in Manhattan, NY, and Brooklyn, NY, for an additional fee.


While all schools emphasize slightly different concepts, general academic chemistry tutoring usually includes science- mindedness coaching and support for the following topics: periodic trends, chemical vs. physical properties, atomic structure, bonding, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, reaction rates, equilibriumphase changes and acids and bases

By sophomore year, students should have solidified organizational and executive functioning habits. This is also when they are building critical thinking, problem solving skills, and emotional stamina. While a regular high school chemistry tutor will focus on clearing up general confusion around chemistry topics, I believe in a holistic approach that includes coaching in all of these areas.  


As your private chemistry tutor, my mission is to develop independent, successful students with much more than awesome chemistry grades. I help your kids establish the foundational skills and perseverance to tackle concepts beyond chemistry throughout their academic careers. My students develop a renewed perspective and confidence that can be applied to other subjects, especially across the sciences.




AP Chemistry is an advanced chemistry course that's a great application portfolio builder. It prepares students for the depth, discipline, and rigor to succeed in college chemistry courses. That being said, it’s not for the faint of heart! Excelling requires additional discipline, analysis, and creative problem-solving, but trust me, it’s possible!


If your children are taking or plan on taking an AP chemistry course, I highly recommend investing in extracurricular support with an NYC chemistry tutor. I've been supporting students in advanced or AP courses for almost 20 years.  I've also taught at the college level, so I know what's in store for STEM students that want to pursue chemistry as a major.  When it comes to advanced chemistry, Ive got your back. 



I know college chemistry can sound scary. But if you’ve made it this far, I promise you’ve got what it takes to tackle it. As an NYC chemistry tutor who has taught at the college level for a long time, I’ve got you covered! Whether you need help with pre-med general and organic chemistry, general and organic chemistry for nursing and/or health sciences majors, or chemistry for non-majors, consider me your chemistry guiding light.


Are you stressed out about the chemistry section on your medical admissions exams? You’re not alone. I occasionally offer chemistry-specific MCAT coaching (pending availability) to help you confidently walk into your exam. Contact me for more information!

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