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AP biology tutor in NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn

Part of my job as your Biology tutor is to instill a wonder and appreciation for everything you can see (and sometimes not see!) in nature. Not everyone is going to be an activist or change the world, but it is important that we can all think like scientists and be  aware of our impact. 


While all schools emphasize slightly different material and concepts, general academic biology tutoring usually includes support for the following topics: biochemistry, taxonomy, evolution, ecology, genetics, cell structure and division, DNA, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration.  


It's rare that a school has the ability to cover all of the curricula needed for standardized exams. Therefore,  AP Biology tutoring may include more in-depth examinations of the previous subjects as well as an exploration of all body systems (cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, etc.), viruses, biochemistry, animal behavior, and plants.  

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