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online Geometry tutor

Transitioning from middle school into high school can be a bit of a jolt as workloads are heavier.  Additionally, students sometimes need to adjust to being assessed with letter grades, or a new school altogether.  As your child's Geometry tutor, I support this progression by nurturing creative problem solving, application of concepts, workflow organization, and confidence building rather than just diligent memorization. 

Because math is a course that all students are required to take throughout high school, a solid foundation of cumulative material as well as strong organizational and study-skills are necessary for confident success as the level of difficulty progresses year to year.

To succeed in Geometry, students must learn how to think logically starting with creating a mathematical system.  Using this framework, information involving points, lines, planes, triangles, polygons, and circles is used to prove theorems in two dimensions.  Further work includes similarities between and transformations of figures and the school year ends with an exploration of three dimensional shapes involving surface area and volume.

Deficiencies in discreet information or concepts related to any any of these topics can have a ripple effect in future courses.   Because I understand that Coordinate Algebra (Algebra II), Trigonometry, and Pre-calculus classes all build on Geometry, math tutoring for this course includes building confidence and readiness for what is to come.


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