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Algebra I organizational support, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC
8th grade Algebra I tutor in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC

Sometimes, even the best students can struggle or lack confidence if learning challenges start to surface when more complex processes are encountered.  If this is the case, it's time to schedule a consultation for a middle school math tutor to support Algebraic thinking and learning.


Algebra provides the core foundation for all the math courses that students will encounter in high school, so it's important to solidify early skills to ensure they don't fall behind.  One of my goals as your math tutor is to make sure there is a solid foundation of cumulative material including algebraic expressions, multi-step equations, linear functions, rational expressions and quadratic functions.  Students should also be able write, solve, graph and analyze graphs of both linear and quadratic equations.  Transitioning toward an upper school work load also means that strong organizational and study-skills are necessary for confident success as levels of difficulty progress year to year, so I help with that too.

While even hard-working students may have the best of intentions,  younger learners often don’t have a realistic sense of how much time it actually takes to really think through new ideas and articulate their understanding clearly at a more challenging level.  I'm here to help with a holistic approach that includes executive functioning coaching and tactics for mitigating possible anxieties to build happy math students moving forward.

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